Expenditure Cycle: Cycle Controls

The expenditure cycle is concerned with the acquisition of fixed assets, raw materials, or manufactured components and the use of employee labour to yield a finished product.

9 Effect of Public Debt

Table of Contents1 Effect of Public Debt1.1 Revenue Effect1.2 Expenditure Effect2 Other Effects of Public Debt2.1 Effect on Consumption2.2 Effect on Production2.3 Effect on Distribution2.4

Federal Finance: Definition, Principles, Problems

Table of Contents1 What is Federal?2 Definition of Federal3 Principles of Federal Finance3.1 Principle of Independence and Responsibility3.2 Principle of Adequacy and Elasticity3.3 Administrative Economy

Classification of Public Debt

Table of Contents1 Classification of Public Debt1.1 Internal and External Debt1.1.1 Internal Debt1.1.2 External Debt1.2 Productive and Unproductive Debt1.3 Redeemable and Irredeemable Debt1.3.1 Redeemable Debt1.3.2