Hardware and Software for Networking

Table of Contents1 Hardware Requirements for Networking1.1 Hardware Requirements For Networking1.2 File/Network Servers1.3 Network Interface Cards1.3.1 Ethernet Cards1.3.2 Wireless Adapters1.3.3 Router1.3.4 Gateway1.3.5 Switch1.3.6 Bridge1.3.7 Hub1.3.8

Components of Information Technology

Table of Contents1 Components of Information Technology2 Hardware2.1 Input Devices2.1.1 Keyboards2.1.1.1 Standard Keyboard2.1.1.2 Ergonomic Keyboards2.1.1.3 Wireless Keyboards2.1.2 Mouse2.1.2.1 Mechanical Mouse2.1.2.2 Optical Mouse2.1.2.3 Wireless Mouse2.1.3 Scanners2.1.4