Types of Consumer Decision

Table of Contents1 Types of Consumer Decision1.1 Nominal Decision Making1.2 Limited Decision Making1.3 Extended Decision Making2 Problem Recognition2.1 Approaches to Active Problem Solving2.2 Marketing Strategies

Opinion Leaders

Table of Contents1 Opinion Leaders1.1 Marketing Implications of Opinion Leaders Opinion Leaders Opinion leaders are those people who, in a given situation, are able to

Diffusion of Innovation

Table of Contents1 Diffusion of Innovation1.1 Diffusion Process1.2 Culture and Diffusion of Innovation Diffusion of Innovation The ability to develop successful new products is critical

Consumer Protection Act, 1986

Table of Contents1 Consumer Protection Act, 19861.1 Who is a Consumer?1.2 Objectives of Consumer Protection1.3 Rights of a Consumer1.3.1 Right to Safety1.3.2 Right to Information1.3.3

Supply of Goods and Services Act, 1982

Table of Contents1 Supply of Goods and Services Act, 19822 If the Implied Conditions Are Breached3 Effect of a Manufacturer’s Guarantee4 Lapse of Possible Claim

Reference Groups

Table of Contents1 Reference Groups1.1 Types of Reference Groups1.1.1 Membership Groups1.1.2 Aspiration Groups1.2 Reference Group Influences on Consumers1.2.1 Informational Influence1.2.2 Comparative Influence1.2.3 Normative Influence Reference

Organizational Buying Behaviour

Table of Contents1 Organizational Buying Behaviour2 Identify Organisation Customers3 Process of Organisational Buying4 Different Buying Situations Involved in Organisational Buying4.1 Straight Re-buy4.2 Modified Re-buy4.3 New

Outlet Selection

Table of Contents1 Outlet Selection1.1 Outlet Image1.2 Retailer Brands1.3 Location of Outlet and Size1.4 Customer Attribute and Outlet Selection2 Consumer Shopping Orientation2.1 Point-of-purchase Displays2.2 Deals

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Table of Contents1 Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs1.1 Physiological Needs1.2 Safety Needs1.3 Social Needs1.4 Ego Needs1.5 Self-actualisation Need2 Evaluation of Maslow’s Need Hierarchy Maslow’s Hierarchy of