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Principles of Marketing Syllabus

A detailed principles of marketing syllabus as prescribed by various Universities and colleges in India are as under. You can download the syllabus in principles of marketing pdf form.

  • UNIT 1: Introduction To Marketing: Meaning and Definition of Marketing, Nature of Marketing, Scope of Marketing, Marketing Concept, Aspects of Marketing Concept, Marketing versus Selling, Importance of Marketing.

  • UNIT 2: Different Orientation Towards Market Place and Marketing Philosophies: Benefits of Marketing, Key Marketing Activities, Different Orientations, Marketing Strategies, Core Marketing Concepts, Marketing Philosophies, Comparison of Marketing Philosophies.

  • UNIT 3: Marketing Management Process: Steps in Marketing Management Process, Understand the Fundamentals of Buying Behavior, Market Research, Market Strategy, Creating marketing mix decisions, Preparing a marketing plan, Implementing and controlling the marketing effort.

  • UNIT 4: Services Marketing: What Are Services?, Why Services Marketing?, Differences between Services and Goods, The Service-Goods Continuum, Services Marketing Mix, Management Strategies for Service Business.

  • UNIT 5: Marketing Information System and Market Research: Why Marketing Information System?, Sources of Marketing Information System, Components of A Marketing Information System, Internal Reporting Systems, Marketing Research System, Marketing Intelligence Systems, Analytical Marketing System, Functions of Marketing Information System, Advantages of Marketing Information System, Marketing Research, Process of Market Research, Role of Marketing Research.

  • UNIT 6: Measuring Forecasting Market Demand: Importance of Market Measurement and Forecasting, Key Concepts of Market Measurement and Forecasting, Process of Market Measurement and Forecasting, Types / Methods of Forecasting.

  • UNIT 7: Analysis of Consumer Buying Behaviour: Consumer Decision Making Process, Marketers Response to Consumer Decision Making, Consumer Related Models of Man.

  • UNIT 8: Concept of Market Segmentation and Market Targeting: Bases for Market Segmentation, Geographic Segmentation, Demographic Segmentation, Psychographic Segmentation, Behavioral Segmentation, Requirements for Effective Segmentation, Developing a Target Market Strategy.

  • UNIT 9: Marketing Mix: Elements of Marketing Mix, Need Role and Importance of Marketing Mix, Designing and Developing Marketing Mix.

  • UNIT 10: Competitive Differentiation and Product Positioning: Competitive Differentiation. Product Differentiation, Stages of Differentiation, Deciding the Differentiators, Positioning, Components of Brand Positioning, Positioning Process, Positioning Errors, Positioning of Uttarakhand, Strategies, Implementing the Positioning Strategy, Communicating the Positioning Decision, Delivering the Positioning.

  • UNIT 11: New Product Development Strategy: Approaches To New Product Development, How New Products Are Developed, Tourism Products, Essential Requirements In Product Development, Systematic Approach Of A New Product Development, Experiences Vs. Activities, Destination As A Product.

  • UNIT 12: Concept of Product Life Cycle and Related Strategies: Concept of Product Life Cycle, Concept of Tourism Area Life Cycle, Features of Product Life Cycle, Different Types of Life Cycle, Butler‘s Model of Product Life Cycle, Marketing Strategies During Different Stages Of Product Life Cycle, Implications of Talc Theory, Tourist Life Cycle, Reasons for the Decline Of Tourism Regions.

  • UNIT 13: Product Strategies: Product Concept, Product Levels, Product Classification, Product Decision.

  • UNIT 14: Pricing Strategies: Meaning and Definition of Price Decision, Factors Influencing Pricing, Pricing Objectives, Pricing Strategies, Pricing Procedure, Approaches in Pricing.

Principles of Marketing Notes

Principles of Marketing Questions and Answers

Some of the principles of marketing questions and answers are mentioned below. You can download the QnA in principles of marketing pdf form.

Principles of Marketing Question Paper

If you have already studied the principles of marketing notes, then it’s time to move ahead and go through the previous year’s principles of marketing question paper.

It will help you to understand question paper patterns and types of principles of marketing questions and answer asked in B COM, M COM, MBA, BBA principles of marketing exams. You can download the syllabus in principles of marketing pdf form.

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