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Business Laws Syllabus

A detailed business laws syllabus as prescribed by various Universities and colleges in India are as under. You can download the syllabus in business laws pdf form.


Meaning and Nature of Law: Law of Contract-Definition –Classification of Contracts –essential elements of a contract – Remedies for Breach of Contract.


Contract of Indemnity: Right of Indemnity Holder and Indemnifier, Contract of Guarantee, Types of Guarantee, Rights and Liabilities, Discharge of surety from his liability, Contract of Bailment, Duties and Rights of Bailee & Bailor and Termination of Bailment Agency, Agent and Principal, Creation of Agency, Classification of Agents, Rights, Duties and Liabilities of Agent and Principal, Termination of Agency.

UNIT lll

Negotiable Instruments: Concept, Characteristics, Promissory Note, Bill of Exchange, and Cheques, Types of Crossing; Contract of Sale of Goods, Definition, Essentials of a Contract of Sale, Contract of sale Vs Agreement to Sell, Rights of Unpaid Seller, Rules as to delivery of goods, Conditions And Warranties-Types, Doctrine of Caveat Emptor, Distinction between Condition and Warranty.


Company Law: Definition, Meaning, Features, Types of companies, Memorandum of Association, Articles of Association, Prospectus Share holders meetings, Company Management, Qualifications, Appointment, Powers, and legal position of Directors.


Consumer Protection Act: Definitions of Consumer, Goods, Service, Meaning of Consumer Dispute, Complaint, Unfair Trade Practices, Restrictive Trade Practices, Rights of Consumers, Consumer Redressal Agencies, Consumer councils. Laws relating to Intellectual Property Rights, Corporate Social Responsibility, Arguments for and against CSR.

Business Laws Notes

Business Laws Questions and Answers

Some of the business laws questions and answers are mentioned below. You can download the QnA in business laws pdf form.

Business Laws Question Paper

If you have already studied the business laws notes, then it’s time to move ahead and go through the previous year’s business laws question paper.

It will help you to understand question paper patterns and types of business laws questions and answer asked in B COM, M COM, MBA, BBA business laws exams. You can download the syllabus in business laws pdf form.

In the above article, a student can download business laws notes for MBA 2nd year and business laws notes for MBA 3rd semester. Business Laws study material includes business laws notes, business laws books, business laws syllabus, business laws question paper, business laws case study, business laws questions and answers, business laws courses in business laws pdf form.

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