Best Billing Software in India

A lot of Billing Software options are available in the market. Yet, It’s a tedious task to find that one billing and invoicing software to complete your business needs. Billing is the final stage of a closing deal, which makes it a more crucial part of any business. Usually, business owners struggle with time-consuming invoicing and creating accurate bills for clients.

For small business owners and freelancers, who don’t know how to keep the record of customers or clients and manage the transactions. Here, Free Billing Softwares comes as an ultimate solution to reduce effort and eliminate time-consuming processes.

But the riddle isn’t solved here! Another concern arises when you don’t know which Billing Software is the most popular in India. So, I have prepared a list of the top 5 Billing Softwares that are worth considering to boost your business reputations and increase sales.

5 Best Billing Softwares in India

This comprehensive list of Billing Softwares in India makes the lives of Business owners simpler by solving the problem of spending productive time in billing manually. So, You can spend more time improving customer relations.

Vyapar App

About Vyapar App

Vyapar is professional business accounting software specially designed for billing, inventory, and accounting needs. There’s a reason to give it the first position on the list. It reduces the time consumed in doing paperwork and helps business owners to focus on growing the business. Also, It is the most simple and easy application to use and work offline with no help from the Internet.

Vyapar upgrades the business billing and invoicing from manual to digital. It serves as a basis for proper planning of the business activities like accounting and billing. Any businessman can effortlessly use it to view the performance of the business, track individual units by their expiry dates, set automatic payment reminders, and so on.

With downloads of more than 5 million, Vyapar has become the leading billing software. Its thrilling popularity among Indian Businessmen made it a successful application to secure business financial data, which can be easily downloaded from the play store and used on desktops, tablets, or mobile phones.

Vyapar App Benefits

Create and Share GST Bills with Customers

Use Vyapar for Creating GST bills both online and offline quickly. Small Businesses can also keep track of their GST accounts. It’s easy to share printable GST invoices within seconds with customers.

Check Inventory Instantly

Vyapar App provides an interactive inventory tracking system to check the live status, set up alerts for new orders, and get detailed information anytime. One can enter the whole inventory by importing an excel sheet. Use to set reminders to update you, when to maximize the profits and minimize the expenses.

Remind to Recover Payments

Zoho Invoice sofVyapar Software assists small business owners in maintaining the cash flow. This free billing software eases the process of Payments by setting reminders and alerting customers through WhatsApp, SMS, email, etc. This Online Billing Software gives an option of faster recovery of due payments.

Simple GST filing and faster

Vyapar App helps you with the instant GST filing process and avoids penalties. You can save time by recording transactions every time you file taxes.

Vyapar Features

  • Free Inventory Management Software
  • Billing and Invoicing Software for Retail Shops
  • POS Billing Software
  • Small Business Accounting Software
  • Send Estimates and Quotations
  •  Financial Reporting
  •  Easy Invoice Management

Vyapar Pros & Cons


  • Free Android App for Lifetime
  • Save time and money
  • Easy to use
  • Full Customer Support
  • Excellent Functionality
  • Compatible with Mobile Devices


  • Not Available for IoS phones
  • Not for medium or large businesses
  • Can use only on a single system

Vyapar Pricing

It offers three different subscription plans to buy Vyapar License as per your requirements.

  • Basic Plan: INR 1499 is valid for a year but can only use on desktop. – INR 1799 is valid for a year, it can be used for desktop and mobile.
  • Saver Plan: INR 2999 is valid for 3 years but only for Desktop. – INR 3734 is valid for 3 years and accessible on desktop and mobile.
  • Mobile Plan: INR 449 is valid for 1 year, only for mobile phones. – INR 1049 is valid for 3 years, only for mobiles.

Technical Details

Typical customers: Freelancers, Small Businesses, Midsize Businesses, Large Enterprises

Platforms Supported: Web, Android, iPhone/iPad

Support options: Phone Support, Email/Help Desk, Chat, 24/7 (Live rep), FAQs/Forum, Knowledge Base

Training options: In Person, Documentation, Live Online, Videos, Webinars

Tally Prime

About Tally Prime

Tally Solutions is a web-based business management software company. Recently, they introduced a product called Tally Prime. It offers business owners an efficient and empowering tool to generate bills and invoices instantly. It also simplifies the business management system for growing small and medium-sized businesses.

With Tally Prime, you can handle the inventory of products and set up discount rates to simplify the sales and purchase order processes. It provides powerful and actionable insights to make better business decisions. This Integrated Billing Software for small businesses helps with receivable and payable management to hassle-free bills.

With more than 2 million business users worldwide, Tally Prime is one of the top billing software that helps businesses to do tax calculations and file returns with inbuilt error detection.

Tally Prime Benefits

A Business Growth Partner

Tally Prime helps in managing multiple companies’ billing processes by providing features such as multi-currency, order process, cost centers, etc. You get to discover how to work on the right insights for making better business decisions.

Get Control Over Cash Flow

Tally facilitates easy stock movement to let the cash flow and provides a payable management system to get paid faster as well as check the payment timelines.

Make Business More Efficient

With Tally Prime, you can print or view the reports, add another company in a report, and check the irregularities happening in the business from the reports. It will enhance your business efficiency and save precious time.

Ease the Tax Compliance Process

Tally’s Software ensures prevention, detection, and correction mechanisms so that your books always remain correct, and during filing tax returns you get the correct value.

Tally Prime Features

  1. Activity Dashboard
  2. Alert/Notifications
  3. Customizable Reports
  4. Inventory Management
  5. Real-Time Reporting
  6. Reporting and Statistics
  7. Reporting/ Analytics

Tally Prime Pros & Cons


  • Easy-to-use and store data
  • Cost-effective
  • Multi-user and data sharing option
  • Good Customer Support


  • Needs Accounting Knowledge before Using
  • Lacks User-friendly Interface

Tally Prime Pricing

Tally Prime has two different types of pricing models as per the business size.

  • Silver Plan: It costs INR 18,000 with 18 % GST ( INR 3,240) for a single user and is valid for a year.
  • Gold Plan: It costs INR 54,000 with 18% GST ( INR 9,720) with unlimited multiple user editions for a single year.

Technical Details

Typical customers: Freelancers, Small Businesses, Midsize Businesses, Large Enterprises

Platforms Supported: Web, Android, iPhone/iPad

Support options: Phone Support, Email/Help Desk, Chat, 24/7 (Live rep), FAQs/Forum, Knowledge Base

Training options: In Person, Documentation, Live Online, Videos, Webinars

BUSY Accounting Software

About BUSY Accounting

Busy is the complete Business Accounting Software that keeps your business flourishing. It is a simple yet powerful software that provides an easy-to-understand GST/VAT module. It offers your employees a platform to manage operations related to multi-location inventory, financial accounting, GST Billing/invoicing, payroll, cash flow management, and so on.

Busy Accounting Software is a highly flexible and scalable tool used for various business purposes. It has some unique in-built features like auto e-billing and e-invoicing, GST reporting, and GST returns filing.

Busy is a small ERP tool that helps businesses and organizations to keep records of their transactions. It has become a one-stop platform for sales orders, purchase orders, ledger management, and tax management.

BUSY Accounting Benefits

Centralized Database

Busy Billing App centralizes the key business process such as invoicing, customer relationships, payroll, and inventory management. You can save time and money on different tools to streamline the business process.

Eliminate Bookkeeping

Busy Software will help in processing the front and backend transactions simultaneously. It can help create bank deposits, customer invoices, write cheques, and keep track of orders.

Real-time Monitoring

Maintains the financial records and generates in-depth reports anytime & anywhere. It lets you monitor the financial records and resolve tiny issues before they turn into big problems.

Shorter Learning Curve provides adequate customer and training support to make the best use of the software. With zero knowledge of accounting, you can access the system effectively and be able to solve reconciliation issues.

Organized Processes

Busy solutions organize each invoice by storing all the data and saving them at one location. So, you can review, reprint, and resend them with no hassles.

BUSY Accounting Features

  • Customer Support
  • Configurable Invoicing
  • Comprehensive GST Module 
  • Financial Accounting
  • GST-ready Reports
  • GST Compliance Management 
  • Invoice Management 
  • Inventory Management
  • Inquiry and Support Management
  • Automated Alerts and Reminders
  • Payroll Management

BUSY Accounting Pros & Cons


  • Affordable and simple
  • Enough User-friendly
  • Customer Support
  • Easy to use


  • Not attractive User Interface
  • Lack of flexibility

BUSY Accounting Pricing

Busy Billing App is offered in three different editions to feed growing businesses as per their needs.

  • Express Edition: Provide a free plan with limited but sufficient features for businesses at the initial age and have minimal requirements.

  • Basic Edition: Costs INR 9000/ year for a single user and INR 22,500/ year for multi-users. This meant for small businesses to do quick invoicing, bookkeeping, and compliance.

  • Standard Edition: Cost INR 13,500/year for single users and INR 33,750 for multi-user. It comes with advanced business features which are meant for medium-level businesses.

  • Enterprise Edition: Cost INR 18,000 for a single user and INR 45,000 for multi-users, meant for large companies which have multiple branches at different locations.

Technical Details

Typical customers: Freelancers, Small Businesses, Midsize Businesses, Large Enterprises

Platforms Supported: Web, Android, iPhone/iPad

Support options: Phone Support, Email/Help Desk, Chat, 24/7 (Live rep), FAQs/Forum, Knowledge Base

Training options: In Person, Documentation, Live Online, Videos, Webinars


About Giddh

Giddh is an online bookkeeping and accounting software to help business owners manage tax filing, reporting, reconciliation issues, GST billings, and other financial processes. Using Giddh’s mobile application, organizations and businesses can remotely access or update customer details.

With an emphasis on investing more time in analytics, Giddh provides complete administrative solutions to gain insights from total expenses, net revenues, and key indicators. Managers and supervisors can streamline inter-branch stock transfers, manage stock availability, and generate inventory reports.

This Ledger-based Accounting Solution is available as an offline and online software to make direct entries in the ledger. Giddh Software is a cloud-based accounting tool with AWL and Linux servers, which makes it unique and highly secure. Too simple to use and affordable to keep your business upright.

Giddh Benefits

Best Inventory Solutions

With Giddh, you can manage the inventory with automated processes and keep the records of manufacturing units as per time and date.

Generate Interactive Invoices

Giddh helps business owners who may or may not have an accounting background. You need to click a button to create a beautiful and customizable invoice. Further, you can share with your clients and print instantly to keep the record.

Direct Bank Integration

Easy to manage bank accounts and collect bank statements. Giddh is already integrated with banks to stop the tradition of downloading bank statements. It resolves the issue and shows the transaction history.

Save Time on Expense Management

This app provides the best way to manage your business expenses and net revenues with no charges. You can enjoy the expense management that comes with proper solutions.

Unlimited Users

This software only charges as per transactions. You don’t have to pay for the number of users. Any user can share and view the ledger accounts with permissions.

Most Secure Software

The most secure server, Linux, is used by Giddh to store all the data to keep safe and encrypted.

Giddh Features

  1. GST Compliant
  2. Billing & Invoicing
  3. Ledger based
  4. Customizable Invoices
  5. Report & analysis
  6. Multi-Currency
  7. Cash Management
  8. Inventory
  9. Bank Reconciliation
  10. Tally Plug-In
  11. Bulk Vendor Payments
  12. Import Financial Data
  13. API integration
  14. Mobile Support

Giddh Pros & Cons


  • No extra cost for features
  • Multiple-user software
  • Secure and Safe
  • Easy to use for everyone
  • Customer Support 24/7
  • Cost-effective


  • Work on User-interface more
  • Doesn’t support the IOS platform
  • Lacks offline presence

Giddh Pricing

Giddha has prepared 4 types of pricing for every size of business.

  • Free plan is there for smaller businesses that are valid for 15 days. Birch: INR 800/year with only basic features for CA, CS, and NGOs.

  • Oak: INR 4000/year provides the feature of accountant consultant for 2 hours and unlimited user facility.

  • Vine: INR 10,000/ year, meant for larger companies with branches at different locations.

  • Sequoia: INR 15,000/year can be used by bigger companies full with large no. of employees.

Technical Details

Typical customers: Freelancers, Small Businesses, Midsize Businesses, Large Enterprises

Platforms Supported: Web, Android, iPhone/iPad

Support options: Phone Support, Email/Help Desk, Chat, 24/7 (Live rep), FAQs/Forum, Knowledge Base

Training options: In Person, Documentation, Live Online, Videos, Webinars

Zoho Invoice

About Zoho Invoice

ZOHO Invoice offers a 100% free cloud-based accounting solution for startups and freelancers. It covers all the key aspects such as invoicing, billing, tracking expenses, and accepting online payments. It includes features like project billing, time tracking, creating customizable reports, and managing your client information on the designed portal.

ZOHO Invoice App offers the best invoicing platform with everything your business needs. You can keep track of estimates, convert them to invoices, and send alerts to the clients for the outstanding Payments. After a while, Users become capable of handling tasks, collecting advance payments, and maintaining the transactions history with clients.

There’s no doubt why Zoho is so popular worldwide. It is available in 17 languages and is used by millions of customers across the globe. It is also awarded high-level security with proper encryption and prevention scanning.

Zoho Invoice Benefits

Manage Customer Portal

ZOHO has a complete portal for you to organize the shared invoices and customer information in one place. Additionally, Store the customer details with the services and goods you offered. You can add those pieces of information to the transactions. The software provides a customer portal where clients can share their concerns and queries, view and accept estimates, pay their invoices, and download statements.

Seamless Invoicing

ZOHO Invoice lets you create and send invoices with just a few clicks. It has an interactive and intuitive interface that offers pre-designed invoice templates to brand your business.

Efficient time tracking

Zoho Invoice enables users to keep track of the time spent on various tasks and use it for billing.

Payment collection

Zoho Invoice platform is easy to integrate with multiple payment gateways to help you collect payments on time, send reminders, and keep track of customers’ payments.

Efficient expense tracking

Zoho Invoice makes it easier for you to track your expenses. It also lets you capture expense receipts right from your mobile device and attach them to expenses.

Intuitive reporting

Zoho Invoice supports over 30 reports to give you detailed insights into the financial health of your business. With these real-time reports, you can track key metrics such as best-selling products, invoice statuses, pending payments, and more.

Zoho Invoice Features

  • Alert/Notifications
  • Billable & Non-Billable Hours
  • Billing Portal
  • Contact Database
  • Dunning Management
  • Employee Database
  • Expense Tracking
  • Hourly Billing
  • Mobile Payments
  • Multi-Currency
  • Multiple Billing Rates

Zoho Invoice Pros & Cons


  • Ease of Use
  • Free of cost
  • Smooth UI


  • Lacks an offline desktop client
  • Does have not triplicate invoicing

Zoho Invoice Pricing

Zoho Invoice is free to use with all its premium features. Business owners can enjoy this app without ads, contracts, and hidden fees.

Technical Details

Typical customers: Freelancers, Small Businesses, Midsize Businesses, Large Enterprises

Platforms Supported: Web, Android, iPhone/iPad

Support options: Phone Support, Email/Help Desk, Chat, 24/7 (Live rep), FAQs/Forum, Knowledge Base

Training options: In Person, Documentation, Live Online, Videos, Webinars

What is Billing Software?

Billing and Invoicing Software is commonly designed to generate invoices for products and services. Billing Software offers a range of functionality to collect revenues, track the payments, and pre-design invoices to fit a company’s criteria. It provides a one-stop solution for all billing and invoices so that businesses can stay organized and focus more on overall revenue management.

How to Find the Best Billing and Invoicing Software For You

You have so many options out there. But your worry comes when you don’t know how to find the best billing and invoicing software for you. Maybe, you’re evaluating software to fulfill your business requirements. Fortunately, we adapted the same methodology to pin down the best and popular ones for you.

Here are some points to keep in mind before finding the best billing software as per your business needs.

  • Number of Clients
  • Automation
  • Payments Collection
  • Accounting Tools

Number of Clients

It is the right time to figure out the number of invoices you need to send every month. It will also depend on the number of clients you cater to. Some billing software allows sending unlimited invoices. But the remaining allows only a certain number of invoices based on subscriptions plans.

Before using any software, you should think about the big picture. As your business grows, you may get new clients. Somewhere you have to take account of what will happen if No. of invoices increases. You can check out those tools with the unlimited invoicing feature.


Business owners should be more focused on building the business and improving the customer connection. Check out those billing apps which come with automated features and eliminate manual tasks for excellent efficiency.

Payments Collection

You will cover the halfway after sending invoices to the customer. Yet, there is a need to get paid. Billing and Invoicing Solutions will provide an integrated payment platform. If that software doesn’t have payment tools, you can integrate a third-party platform at least.

Some platforms charge a payment processing fee. It is common to provide a free invoicing tool but charge for transactions. In the future, your business might see dramatic changes. It will set a convenient way for customers to pay online and reduce receivable time.

Accounting Tools

All the mentioned accounting tools can provide billing solutions and take care of business accounting. Few have an in-built bookkeeping portal to do much more than sending invoices.

An accounting tool can cover the business aspects like expenses, financial reports, track time, and handle reconciliation issues. If you don’t need a fully-fledged accounting solution, choose simple software to tackle billing & invoicing.

Benefits of Billing Software

No Late Payments

Billing software is the best to shorten the billing and invoicing process and get payments on time. Let your data be organized and not miss any collection of payments from customers.

Minimize missed payments

Able to keep track of your billing and transactions to clients. It will also show a better chance in the business.

Improve Business Image

A good billing and invoicing software can boost the reputed image of your business. Some platforms offer personalization and enhance it as a brand to impress your clients.

Manage subscriptions

It is better to have automated billing and invoicing software to track the recurring payments till the end of a subscription plan. Reduced overhead – Automating billing software will minimize the errors from stopped or canceled accounts. Also, you can prevent spending manual work and overtime charges on recovering the loss.

Develop transparency

Transparency means automating billing, saving the data, and accessing client information anytime. You can quickly provide reports on the request of clients. Having saved data of each client inspire the trustworthiness between clients and your business.

Billing Software Features

Create New Invoices

It creates clean and professional invoices and customizes them with pre-design layouts. Gather the relevant information from customer records, excel sheets, projects, and also disable invoice duplication.

Maintain customer records

This feature summarizes the customers’ personal and purchase information at one location. It will save relevant files in the centralized database. The user could easily access the record of a particular customer.

Payments Portal

Billing Apps will save time in payment processing through credit cards or net banking options. It can provide a secure mode to manage customer details. Some software has an auto-bill system so that clients won’t miss a due date for payment.

Multi-Currency Set up

Multiple currency settings solve the problem of issuing receipts, accepting payments, and managing taxes for companies from different countries. This feature adds great importance to take your business worldwide and help global companies.

Import or Export

This feature offers to send quotes to customers in just a few seconds. With the help of a centralized database, all the information is stored and made available to use.

Tax Reporting

It will eliminate the usage of external systems for tax reporting. Also, a good e-billing software ensures report taxes without losing hours in summarizing information.

Paperless Transactions

This is a unique selling point for billing and invoicing solutions, as they reduces the use of paper-based bills and invoices. With mobile billing applications, the need for paper copies has become outdated.

Issues with Billing Software

Failed Transactions

This is a concern for every business. If an error occurs, the transaction fails. It means the customer completes the payment but does not reach the receiver side. This concern arises when the payable amount is small or the client’s credit card has expired. During transactions, any error can cause difficulties for accounting teams.

Discounts and Promotions

It’s necessary to check flexible payments options for customers. If customers are not aware of promotions and discounts, that can cause miscommunication. Customers may pay an incorrect amount. Many billing solutions usually display how much a customer is credited.

Automatic Billing Issues

This issue can raise concerns when a customer takes a subscription plan. If a customer chooses an automatic billing option for each month and there will be no sufficient balance, It will cause problems when trying to get the amount by a particular date. Also, if a customer doesn’t know that they subscribed to recurring billing and are still getting charged, it may make them unhappy.

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