Distribution Marketing Channels

Table of Contents1 Marketing Channels1.1 Direct Marketing Channel or Zero Level Channel1.2 Indirect Marketing Channel1.2.1 Zero Level Channel / Direct Marketing Channel1.2.2 One-level Channel1.2.3 Two-level

Strategic Corporate Planning by Top Management

Table of Contents1 Strategic Corporate Planning by Top Management2 Establishing Corporate Mission, Objectives, and Goals3 Establishing Strategic Business Units4 Vision by Top Management Strategic Corporate

What is External Environment Marketing? Factors

Table of Contents1 What is External Environment Marketing?2 Factors of External Environment2.1 Demographical Environment2.2 Cultural Environment2.3 Social Environment2.4 Legal Environment2.5 Political Environment2.6 Economic Environment2.7 Natural

Five Forces that Shape Industry Competition

Table of Contents1 Analysing Industry and Competition2 Threat of Entry3 Barriers to Entry3.1 Supply-side Economies of Scale3.2 Demand-side Benefits of Scale3.3 Customer Switching Costs3.4 Capital

Difference Between Selling and Marketing

Table of Contents1 Differentiation Among Few Concepts2 Understanding the Difference Between Selling and Marketing3 Understanding the Difference Between Marketing and Advertising4 Understanding the Difference Between

What is Logistics? Types

Table of Contents1 What is Logistics?2 Types of Logistics2.1 Supplier Logistics2.2 Production/Corporate Logistics2.3 Components of Market Linkage Production System2.4 Replenishment Production System (RPS)2.4.1 Purchase Support

Techniques of Personal Selling

Personal selling involves a face to interaction with the customers wherein there is quick response and personal confrontation. This allows for more specific adjustments to

What is Publicity?

Table of Contents1 What is Publicity?1.1 Non-personal/Mass Media1.2 Commercially Significant News1.3 No Sponsor1.4 Not Paid for this:1.5 Purpose (Demand Stimulation):1.6 Merchandising or sales Orientation1.7 Entertainment