Bond Valuation: Terminology, Model, Market

Introduction to Bond Valuation Fixed-income financial instruments which, traditionally, have been identified as a long-term source of funds for a corporate enterprise are the cherished

Security Valuation

What is Security? The world security may be defined as, ‘an instrument of a promissory note or a method of borrowing or lending or a

What is Savings? Concepts, Motives, Uses

What is Savings? Savings denotes the gap between income and expenditure or consumption. Whatever is not consumed out of disposable income is savings. The economy’s

Ways to Manage Investment Risk

Of all possible questions which the investor may ask, the most important one is concerned with the probability of actual yield being less than zero,

Risk and Return

Risk and expected return are the two key determinants of an investment decision. Risk, in simple terms, is associated with the variability of the rates

Types of Investment Risk

Types of Investment Risk In considering economic and political factors, investors commonly identify five types of investments risks to which their investments are exposed. They

Types of Investors

Many successful investors adopt an investment strategy that fits their goals and tolerance for risk. While there are many variations, most strategies fit within one

7 Features of Investment

The investor has various alternative avenues of investment for his savings to flow in accordance with his preferences. Savings flow into investment for a return,