Components of OD

Components of OD All the OD programs have three basic components: diagnosis, action and program management. All these three components are interventions into the organizations

Teams and Parallel Learning Structures

Introduction of Teams and Parallel Learning Structures Team building activities are now a way of life for many organizations thus team building assists in the

Comprehensive OD Interventions

Introduction of Comprehensive OD Interventions Comprehensive OD interventions are very much alive and visible in contemporary OD practice. Some comprehensive interventions involve the whole system.

Power, Politics and OD

Introduction of Power, Politics and OD Power is defined as the ability to get an individual or group to do something- to get the person

Training Experiences

Introduction of Training Experiences Several training or educational experiences aimed at individuals have utility in the successful evolution of an OD effort. These OD interventions

Planned Change

Introduction of Planned Change Change is inevitable in the life of an individual or organization. In today’s business world, most organizations are facing a dynamic

Managing OD Process

Introduction of Managing OD Process OD can be taken as a process of changing people and other related aspects of an organization. Thus it consists

Structural Interventions

Introduction of Structural Interventions The term socio-technical system or STS is largely associated with experiments that emerged under the auspice of the Tavistock Institute in

What is Organisational Development? Definitions,

What is Organisational Development? Organisational Development (OD) comprises a special set of organizational change methods. It is a planned, systematic process of organizational change based