Distribution Marketing Channels

Marketing Channels A marketing channel is a system of relationships existing among businesses that participate in the process of buying and selling products and services.

Five Forces that Shape Industry Competition

Analysing Industry and Competition Often, however, managers define competition too narrowly, as if it occurred only among today’s direct competitors. Yet competition for profits goes

Difference Between Selling and Marketing

Differentiation Among Few Concepts Marketing as an academic discipline and as practice entails the use of similar yet distinct concepts, which create ambiguity. Four such

What is Logistics? Types

What is Logistics? Logistics has always been a central and essential feature of all economic activities. The concept of logistics as an integrative activity in

Techniques of Personal Selling

Personal selling involves a face to interaction with the customers wherein there is quick response and personal confrontation. This allows for more specific adjustments to

What is Publicity?

What is Publicity? Publicity is defined as the ‘non-personal stimulation of demand for a product, service or business unit by planting commercially significant news about