Technical Analysis

What is Technical Analysis? Technical analysis is a method of evaluating securities by analyzing the statistics generated by market activity, such as past prices and

Company Analysis in Fundamental Analysis

What is Company Analysis? In the company analysis the investment analyst collect all the information related to the company and evaluates the present and future

Industry Analysis in Fundamental Analysis

Industry Analysis The mediocre firm in the growth industry usually outperforms the best stocks in a stagnant industry. Therefore, it is worthwhile for a security

Economic Analysis in Fundamental Analysis

Economic Analysis For the security analyst or investor, the anticipated economic environment, and therefore the economic forecast, is important for making decisions concerning both the

Fundamental Analysis

What is Fundamental Analysis? Fundamental analysis is the study of the various factors that affect a company’s earnings and dividends. Fundamental analysis studies the relationship

Stock Market Indices

What is Stock Market Index? A stock market index is a measure of the relative value of a group of stocks in numerical terms. As

What is Share Valuation? Methods

What is Share Valuation? Share valuation is the process of assigning a rupee value to a specific share. An ideal share valuation technique would assign